Bend Business Roundup 3-29-19

Bend Business Roundup 3-29-19


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Business: The Oregon legislature is apparently considering things like a Commercial Activities Tax (CAT) and a Value Added Tax (VAT) to raise the $2 billion in revenue the Governor says Oregon needs. I’ve never heard of a CAT, but – hear me out here –  does it make sense to tax, and therefore deter, commercial activities or adding value? Aren’t these things generally good?

Law: If you were on a transatlantic flight and a fellow passenger threatened to kill you with an ice pick, you’d be miffed, no? Well, a couple is suing Condor Airlines (FYI – there’s a thing called Condor Airlines) for $10 million for just that set of alleged facts. A warrant for the arrest of the person who allegedly threatened the gruesome murder issued out of Bend, Oregon of all places.

Politics: I was researching former (and late) Oregon governor Tom McCall because that’s what dudes who sculpt the likeness of the US Capitol instead of doing normal high school things do for fun. Anyway, it occurred to me that you can draw a pretty straight line between McCall’s famous plea with tourists to Oregon not to “move here” to our state’s land use system (championed by McCall), which makes it really expensive to move or stay here, to our current predicament regarding a lack of affordable housing. Unaffordable housing is a key consequence of the social compact (many) Oregonians have made with their state government since the early 1970s, but I’m not sure they know it.

Et cetera:  Another thing about Tom McCall that may be of interest, since this is a Central Oregon-originated email, is that he grew up (when not on the family estate in Massachusetts) on a ranch east of Redmond. His grandfather was a copper baron and his dad was a governor and congressman back east. It turns out McCall was a pioneer of the now well-known phenomenon of east coast trust funders coming to Oregon and, depending on your point of view, preserving our state’s natural beauty/telling us what to do with our property.

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Jeff started EagerLaw PC to help Oregon entrepreneurs succeed in business. Jeff worked in Washington, D.C. for Oregon Congressman Greg Walden, served as Mayor of the City of Bend, and has been practicing law in Oregon for over a decade. Jeff believes strongly in entrepreneurship and enjoys making the legal side of business transparent and easy for his clients.


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