Taylor’s Tales, Vol. 2: How a Young Elvis Impersonator and a Bike Shop Shaped my Career

Taylor’s Tales, Vol. 2: How a Young Elvis Impersonator and a Bike Shop Shaped my Career

How a Young Elvis Impersonator and a Bike Shop Shaped my Career

by Eric Taylor, Attorney, EagerLaw PC

I grew up around small businesses, but not just my parents’ toy store and grandparents’ goat hair business (see Taylor’s Tales for more stories). I also had young entrepreneurial friends, and that’s how I learned firsthand that business ideas can come from anywhere, anytime. I also learned to put your customers’ needs first and keep an eye out for an underserved need. I believe this is why I was naturally drawn to business classes in law school.

During high school, I was involved in helping a friend run the event production company he had started. Mike, entrepreneurial from the start, became an Elvis impersonator in middle school. From that, he saw a need for a concert sound company and grew his business exponentially. Mike’s entrepreneurial ambition and excitement was contagious. We spent many long nights discussing new business ideas and working through the details. In the course of working numerous events, Mike heard from event organizers that they were extremely dissatisfied with their event security and management companies. Mike took that idea and ran with it. He ultimately developed a significant event security company employing over 100 professionals and has expanded further to include a local private security company.

Working with Mike taught me a lot about growing a business. He always had an eye out for an underserved need and looked for areas where he knew he could beat out the competition. Mike also cultivated a strong team and showed appreciation for their support. People would follow him anywhere because they believed in him. It was exciting to be a part of the business.

After college, I worked at a Hutch’s Bicycles in Eugene, where I again applied my small business training to help produce significant sales results. My background in small business taught me a lot about what customers were looking for and how to treat them. I’m passionate about bicycles, and I was able to combine this passion with my experience to develop a strong base of loyal customers. It was really fun to watch the business succeed and to get to know so many amazing people. I learned firsthand the importance of listening to your customers’ needs and putting them first.

In law school, when my classmates were groaning about how boring contracts are, I was thrilled! When I read contract cases, they came alive for me. The fact patterns just make sense. It isn’t about the boring terms, it’s about the struggle people are experiencing. Many of the facts at issue are similar to things I grew up around, and I know what it means to lose a huge case and how important it is to deal with legal issues up front.

Leaving law school, I was drawn to business law because of my experiences with entrepreneurial friends and family. I feel fortunate to have found a position in a small firm where I once again have a chance to be a part of the business. As a business lawyer, I really enjoy the opportunity to work with small businesses and help them navigate legal issues. It’s fun to tag along for the ride with a business as it grows. My small business background allows me to help clients in a unique way as the issues they are dealing with are familiar to me, and I understand the impact those issues have on their businesses.


Eric Taylor is a business attorney with EagerLaw PC. He regularly represents business in a wide range of issues including formation, dissolution, real estate transactions, and employment law issues. Call him at (541) 323-5851. Stay up to date on all Bend business matters with EagerLaw PC on Facebook.

Jeff started EagerLaw PC to help Oregon entrepreneurs succeed in business. Jeff worked in Washington, D.C. for Oregon Congressman Greg Walden, served as Mayor of the City of Bend, and has been practicing law in Oregon for over a decade. Jeff believes strongly in entrepreneurship and enjoys making the legal side of business transparent and easy for his clients.


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